Our Mission

Yes Farms Yes Food envisions a world where communities are focused on fostering food abundance and diversity for the benefit of humans and the ecosystem. Each sticker serves as a reminder for us all to live positively, creating solutions that honor all beings for generations to come. Ordering a YFYF sticker helps to spread this message of love.

Our Goals

We seek to raise awareness and support sustainable agriculture with our proceeds. Yes Farms Yes Food is a small not for profit organization based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. YFYF is in transition to Non-Profit 501c3 status and continues to be volunteer driven. 

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Our History

Yes Farms Yes Food is spearheaded by Adam Barnard, a gardener and activist who seeks to shift the focus towards positive thinking when speaking about our food systems and relationship to the earth. Since 2009 we have continued to grow as people feel the power behind the message. Originally a localized movement, the message behind the sticker has spread across the Northeast, the wider United States, and has recently made its way across the Canadian border. The "Yes Farms Yes Food" phrase was adopted as the slogan of the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Sustainable Food and Farming program in 2014. We have sold or donated over 15,000 stickers to date.